prof.javedkhanLate Prof. Javed Khan

The former president and founder, Late Prof Javed Khan picturised a conducive teaching-learning atmosphere where students’ education is brought up by values, ethics, morale. Apart from building up on knowledge, the college aims at providing excellence well supported by integrity, mutual respect and politeness that will help them in transforming to a responsible global citizen of tomorrow.

As a patron of Oriental College of Education, he believed in nurturing minds through rich heritage of excellence. In the pursuit of excellence Oriental College of Education is established for providing quality education with the help of enriched infrastructural facilities such as well-equipped laboratories, library, playground, hostel and best teaching faculty. The institute seeks to impart principles and right values thus creating academically sound, cultured and refined citizens.

He also believed in holistic and inclusive development of young minds. It’s the aim of the college to provide Quality education that results into equal labour market accessibility for students resulting to improvised economic opportunities hence enhancing both quality empowerment and equality as best possible.

Oriental College of Education motivates a sound and positive educational programme that is creative, gives scope for reflecting best practice at every junction and provides for a broad academic range.

President’s Message

waseem_sirMrs. Humera J. Khan

Education aims at spreading the light of knowledge, cultivate young minds, giving wings, making life colourful, happy and successful by sculpting values within oneself.

As rightly said by Martin Luther King, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”
Education is a holistic process that leads to the realisation of a student’s full potential.

Oriental College of Education (OCE) has set its goal to prepare teachers to adapt to the changing global educational methodology to face the challenges, unfurl talent and creativity of the students to enlarge their vision.

We aim to flourish the core of education and its ethics, igniting and enlightening the minds of our students to enhance their character to make them a better educator, guide and mentor for the future generation.

Our mission is to become a centre of excellence in teacher education which we obtain through experiential and engaging teaching techniques enabling future teachers to meet the need of individuals in imparting education.

I, truly believe that the ultimate goal of any society is to make each individual self-reliant and independent for the overall benefit of the society and Oriental College of Education (OCE) is proud to play a pivotal role in making this dream come true.

General Secretary’s Message

waseem_sirMr. Waseem J. Khan

Mr. Waseem J. Khan
General Secretary
Oriental Education Society

Ralph W. Emerson has rightly said, “Every artist was at first an amateur.”

Teaching is an art and we are in the profession of creating artists to paint the heart, soul and the mind of future educators with creativity, compassion, curiosity, alertness, flexibility and intelligence.

Educating Teachers is a challenge as it needs to prepare them not only to teach but also to prepare them to be able to read the versatile thoughts flowing from every student, understand those thoughts and counter or collaborate with them.

Oriental college of Education strives its best to impart the four pillars of Education i.e., Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Live and Learning to Be. Our mission is to be a centre of excellence for comprehensive quality education.

Our institute enables students to spread their wings of aspiration. It provides specialized and diversified strategies and approaches to prepare teachers for value-oriented goals. We have the best industry qualified professionals to enable our students with the necessary skills and guide and mentor them to become future educators. Our infrastructure facilities provide a learning and conducive ambience for our students to provoke their thinking process and creative buds.

Treasurer’s Message

Dr.Azeem-KhanDr. Azeem Khan

Oriental Education Society

Our purpose and objective is providing the best infrastructural facilities and faculty to the students of Oriental College of education. I believe to implant a sense of confidence in the students and nurture them with every possible needs so that they can give their best after entering into the professional world. It is my firm belief that our students will come across with flying colours in whatever endeavour they choose to.

The motive of our educational institutions is to develop a worldwide perspective to cope -up with the fast-changing technological scenario. In addition to this, values with discipline are the hallmark of our college. Besides, we ensure a quality education for the students; here the importance is not only on academic excellence but the development of the overall personality of a student. To achieve this goal, add on courses, training in personality development, and other soft skills trainings are also provided in our college.

I sincerely believe that real education lies way beyond books. Having devoted over decades to the field of education, working and gaining rich experience, Management of Oriental Education Society College is bound to do great lengths to shape the career of the students and make them as a shining star. We believe that providing quality education is the best service that one can provide to the country as today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

I am happy to witness the continuous growth of our institution in imparting quality technical education to the students at this part of our country. I wish all our students a grand success in all their endeavours.

CEO’s Message

Dr.Azeem-KhanDr. Haider-E-Karaar

Oriental Education Society

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progresses and lead a successful life. The institute undertook a series of reforming exercises to become what it has become today. We now welcome students to come forward to experience the difference. Keeping abreast of this contemporary world of cut throat competitions, we at Oriental education Society, aim at creating an inter-disciplinary and a holistic academic environment that enable students to gain knowledge with- out stress.

Teaching is an art and we are in the profession of creating artists to paint the heart, soul and the mind of future educators with creativity, compassion, curiosity, alertness, flexibility and intelligence.

Oriental Education Society has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality of professional education to students with the objective of equipping them for a global career. To make a great career is a dream for every student, and they see their dream coming true in this education Institute of excellence. We have been succeeded in our relentless pursuit of excellence which can be evidenced in our remarkable growth from one institution to a group , giving us a large family of students, faculty members, support staff and industry heavyweights, all of whom we are honoured to be associated with. In the present competitive global scenario, we provide you a platform to fulfil your most-cherished dreams and hopes.

Our focus on continuous development, emphasizing quality teaching and sense of belongingness of the qualified and experience faculty has brought laurels to our credit.

I am sure, the student aspiring to seek admission in our prestigious Institutions are bound to meet success.
I wish you all bright and prosperous future.


Sangeeta NathDr.Sangeeta Nath
Oriental college of Education
Contact No : 9320673338

With proud legacy of 17 years Oriental College of Education has excelled and carved a unique niche in noble area of Teaching. Our college has a tradition of excelling in extra curricular activities and added glory to the college to bring us laurels year by year.

Teacher education is very crucial in supporting both new and experienced teachers, who need to acquire competence and effectiveness in tune with present day demands.

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools, effective cooperation requires common values for the profession and a shared responsibility for high quality teacher education. Therefore, teachers need to impart knowledge, employable skills and leadership qualities amongst the students making the education holistic and student a global citizen.

I feel proud to be a the part of this great institution of higher learning and assure a nurturing and caring environment to blossom the empowered and perceptive teachers with immense capability of facing the expectations with resilience and optimism.

Wish you Good Luck students

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